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happyOne of my favorite blogs is Dr. David Murray’s Head Heart Hand.  I have found his writing to be saturated with the theology of the Bible, applicable to life, and fair in interacting with others’ views.  I also find his writing refreshing and encouraging.  And now he has written The Happy Christian.  I am blessed to host a giveaway for this book, so if you would like to be entered for a random drawing to receive this book, please send me your information below.  No information will be shared with anyone else, except, of course, the winner’s information will be shared with those shipping the book (publicly, I will only post first name unless you explicitly give me permission).

One winner will be randomly chosen among the entries (please enter only once).  If you are from the continental US or Canada, you can win the physical book.  Everyone else is eligible to win a digital copy. Please fill in the boxes below to enter the contest:


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