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Clothing Tips for Ministers

Do you have some questions about “dressing up” as a preacher? This is not about whether one should wear a full suit or business casual or similar questions, but about those times that you know you will be wearing a suit and tie.  Dr. Don Whitney has some great “Clothing Tips for Ministers” that talk about where to find bargains on dress clothes and provide other advice to help one be a good steward and still find quality items.

Click here to read “Clothing Tips for Ministers” at www.biblicalspirituality.org.

As a related resource, maybe you’ve wondered how to tie a tie, how to tie a particular kind of knot, or just need a refresher course.  Here are two sites that provide guidance:

  • Tie a Tie at Wikihow (step by step instructions and video for tying a four-in-hand knot)
  • Tie-a-Tie.net (four-in-hand, pratt, half-, and full-windsor knots)