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Preaching Through Job: John Piper

This series was preached in the summer of 1985 by Dr. John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is a great example of preaching expository sermons through a book of the Bible without getting bogged down at the micro-level.  Because of its literary genre, Job would be difficult to tackle if dealing extensively with every verse (I know it’s been tried, with some being more successful than others).  You can view the sermon transcript or listen or download the audio using the links below.

Job: Reverent in Suffering (1:1-2:10) (click here for audio)

Job: Wrestling with Suffering (2:11-31:40) (click here for audio)

Job: Rebuked in Suffering (32-37) (click here for audio)

Job: the Revelation of God in Suffering (38:1-42:6) (click here for audio)

Job: Reversal in Suffering (42:7-17) (click here for audio)

Piper has also preached through other books of the Bible. All his sermons are online for free in the resource library at www.desiringGOD.org.

See also this helpful series by Dr. Robert McCabe of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary:

Prizing God Above His Gifts: Job’s Message for Today

Click here to view or download the complete .pdf file,

or view the web version in 5 parts:

Part 1 –  Part 2 –  Part 3 –  Part 4 –  Part 5